Home Visits - We will no longer be offering this option.

For those of you who are moving, down-sizing or dealing with an estate issue, The Singing Lady offers Home Visits for large volume furniture consignments.

Members of The Singing Lady team can visit your home & advise you ​about which items may be suitable for consignment. They do not offer pricing or evaluations ~ That is done when the items arrive in the store.

To book a Home Visit:

  • We require photographs of 
    several ​rooms in your home prior to booking, to get an idea of style. They do not need to be professional quality, but we do need to be able to see the items, so surfaces need to be cleared.  Send them to: consign@thesinginglady.com

We also need to know:

  • Is there smoking or a pet in your home? (we do not consign items from homes with smoking)
  • What is the time frame for consigning your items? i.e. closing date on home sale, start of renovations, etc
  • Your address

You will then be contacted, to set up a visit.

An $80.00 fee will be payable in cash at the time of our visit

Please contact us or visit the store ​for further information

Our Consignment Terms
  • Items are consigned for 180 days
  • You get 50% of the selling price.  (45% that sell for below $50)
  • Cheques are issued between the 15th and 20th of each month for the previous month's balance of $25 or more
  • You receive a payout notice to your email address when cheques are ready for pick-up at the store
  • If your item(s) have not sold by the 180th day, you have 7 days to retrieve them or they are donated to the store
 Price reductions are as follows;
  • After 30 days – the item is reduced by 15%
  • After 60 days - another 10% comes off the price (25% total)
  • After 90 days - another 10% comes off the price (35% total)
  • After 150 days further discounts at our discretion.

Please download our consignment agreement for detailed terms and conditions