Consign With Us

If you would like to consign with us, please read the information on this page and download our consignment agreement.

  • Please be aware of items that we DO NOT consign
  • Items must be in excellent to mint condition (8 or 9 out of 10 at least)
  • Items must be thoroughly cleaned and in showroom ready condition
  • Unscheduled drop-offs are not permitted
  • We set the price. We do not price anything based on photos. It will be priced when it arrives in the store & we've had a chance to assess it.

If we accept your items:

  • We'll book an appointment to drop off your items.
  • It is your responsibility to deliver the items to us. We can provide a recommendation for a reputable, bonded and insured moving company.
  • We'll evaluate them and price them after they have arrived
  • They are then placed and merchandized in one of our showrooms
  • Images, description and markdowns are uploaded to our online catalogue
  • We take care of all the advertising and promotion

Due to the store closing in December - we have stopped reviewing items entirely.
We are so sorry to disappoint!

Home Visits - No Longer Available

We are no longer offering home visits as an option. We are sorry to disappoint.

We consign an eclectic mix of:
Antiques / Fine Furniture / Dressers
Headboards / Tables / Chairs
Book Cases / Side Boards
Dinette Sets / Small Sofas
Ottomans / End & Coffee Tables
Console Tables / Writing Tables
Tea Carts / Curio Cabinets / Benches
Garden Urns & Items (must be clean)
 Wicker / Fine China / Dishes
Vases / Frames / Mirrors / Art / Area rugs
Table Lamps (only with shades)
Chandeliers / Pendant Lamps
Linen (washed & pressed) / Decorative Pillows
Storage Baskets / Blanket Racks
Interesting & Unusual items / Jewellery
High End Leather Hand Bags & Purses

(Crystal & silver plate items sell much better

in the months of September to December.

Sterling silver is a good seller year round.)

Our Consignment Terms
  • Items are consigned for 180 days
  • You get 50% of the selling price.  (45% that sell for below $50)
  • Cheques are issued between the 15th and 20th of each month for the previous month's balance of $25 or more
  • You receive a payout notice to your email address when cheques are ready for pick-up at the store
  • If your item(s) have not sold by the 180th day, you have 7 days to retrieve them or they are donated to the store
 Price reductions are as follows;
  • After 30 days – the item is reduced by 15%
  • After 60 days - another 10% comes off the price (25% total)
  • After 90 days - another 10% comes off the price (35% total)
  • After 150 days further discounts at our discretion.

Please download our consignment agreement for detailed terms and conditions