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Pair of Prints Zinc Plate on Paper - Artist's Proofs c1985 - "Great Inhabitant I & II" Titled, Annotated and Signed in Pencil by Acclaimed Latvian Artist Lilija Dinere (1955 - ) - Gold Wood Frame - Come with Booklet Illustrating the Prints - 26" W x 34" H
Lilja Dinere (1955 - )
Lilija Dinere born in Riga in Latvia.
In 1973 she finished the J. Rozentāls secondary school of Art in Riga.
MA (Master of Arts) - graduated from the Painting - Stage Design Department of the Art Academy of Latvia in 1980 (education from 1974).
Member of the Latvian Artists Union since 1981.
Member of the board of the Latvian Artists Union (2008 - 2011).
Works in graphics, watercolour, acrylic, oil and mixed media.
Illustrated more than 60 books.
Designed 31 postage stamps for The Post of The Republic of Latvia.
Since 1974 has participated in more than 200 exhibitions in Latvia and abroad.
Since 1981 21 solo exhibitions in Latvia and abroad.
Since 1992 take part in significant art projects and exhibitions in Germany.
Since 1979 awarded with diplomas, acknowledgements for art works and book illustrations.
Works in monumental painting and on stained glass projects (2001-2002, Hotel Rolands).
Solo exhibitions:
1981 - Exhibition Hall (Riga, Latvia)
1988 - Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts (Lalit Kala Academy), (Jaipur, India)
1989 - Rotary Club (Okazaki, Japan)
1989 - Galleria Janus ( Helsinki, Finland)
1990 - Galleria Janus (Helsinki, Finland)
1991 - Latvian Centre Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
1991 - Hyperion Gallery (Ottawa, Canada)
1991 - Reiterna nams (Riga, Latvia)
1992 - "Aktueller Mythos", Frauen Museum (Bonn, Germany)
1994 - Galerie Villa Rolandseck (Remagen, Germany)
1994 - Art Gallery (Luxemburg)
1994 - Gustav Stresemann Institut (Bonn, Germany)
1994 - Gotlands Konst Museum (Visby, Sweden)
1995 - "Unknown", Galerija G&G (Riga, Latvia)
1996 - "Letters", Galerija G&G (Riga, Latvia)
1997 - "Signs of Forgotten Lands", Rigas Galerija (Riga, Latvia)
1999 - "Die große Puppe", Euro Theater Central (Bonn, Germany)
2000 - "Sunset Priestess" , Ivonnas Veihertes Galerija (Riga, Latvia)
2000 - "Spiel mit Elementen", Galerie Futura (Berlin, Germany)
2003 - "In the Shadow of the Tree of Paradise", Rigas Galerija (Riga, Latvia)
2006 - "Unknown Garden", Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia)
Exhibitions together with Roberts Diners:
2004 - "In the Shadow of the Tree of Paradise II", Tampere Maja Gallery (Tartu, Estonia)
2004 - ERELDE "The Tree of Bronze", Ivonnas Veihertes Galerija (Riga, Latvia)
2010 - "The Song of Roland", Ivonnas Veihertes Galerija (Riga, Latvia)
2012 - "The Odyssey of The Winged King", Gallery Bastejs (Riga, Latvia)
2013 - "Paintings, Graphics, Sculptures, Objects", Galerie Rosemarie Bassi (Remagen, Germany)
2017 - "Gods, Heroes, Reflections and Shadows", Gallery MuseumLV, (Riga, Latvia)
Selected International Projects:
1992 - "Zeitzeichen" (Signs of Time) - Latvian and Georgian Art -Gallery Im Margarethenhof -Kenigswinter, Bonn, Germany, (cat.).
1994 - 1995 - "Stadt der Frauen" ( City of Women) - Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany, (cat.).
1997 - "An den Quellen der Phantastik" (The Source of Fantastic World) - Gallery Villa Rolandseck, Remagen, Germany.
1998 - "Isebel die Gegenspielerin des Prophet Elia" (Isebel - the opponent of Prophet Elia) - Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany, (cat.).
2000 - "Babajagas & Witches - Zauberfrauen zwischen Ost und West" (Wisdom women between East and West) - Kunsthaus Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany, (cat.).
2001 - "Bonnova" - Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany, (cat.).
2004 - 2005 - "Region and Identity" - Rundentaam, Copenhagen, Denmark; Inselgalerie, Galerie M, Berlin, Germany; Muzeum Wlokiennictwa, Lodz, Poland, (cat.).
2015 - "The Never Ending War", the part of the international historical and art project "Frauen in Krieg und Frieden" Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany, (cat.).
2017 - "Katharina von Bora. Von der Pfarrfrau zur Bischöfin" in FrauenMuseum, Bonn. Exhibition dedicated to The 500th Anniversary of The Christian Reformation, (cat.).
Selected Illustrated Books:
1980 - P.J. Beranger "Chansons"
1984 - Maurice Carême "L'Arlequin de la Lune"
1987 - François Villon "Poesies Completes"
1990 - Lars Gyllensten "Three Novels"
1990 - Cecilija Dinere "Poetry"
1993, 1994, 1995, 2013 - "Dede Korkud" (ancient Turkish Epos)
1993 - Lord Byron "Hebrew Melodies"
1995 - "The Sacred Groves' Light of Druids" (Celtic Myths)
1997 - "The Book of Job" (Old Testament)
1999, 2000 - "Latvian Anthology of Love Poems" I, II volumes
2005 - "The Book of Psalms", (Old Testament)
2010 - "The Song of Roland", (French: La Chanson de Roland, Old French Epos), illustrated together with Roberts Diners
2015 - "The Edda Songs", (The collection of Old Norse poems), illustrated together with Roberts Diners
Selected Awards:
1979 - The Medal and Award of The Water-color Paintings Triennial of the Baltic Republics in Riga, Latvia.
1985 - Award at The Competition of "The Best Book of Latvia in 1984". (Riga, Latvia).
1987 - The Medal and Award Prize at The Book Illustration Triennial of the Baltic Republics in Vilnius, Lithuania. (For the book "Poetry" by Francois Villon)
1988 - First Award, Medal at The Competition of "The Best Book of the Year 1987 of Baltic Republic" in Tallinn, Estonia. (The Best Book of the Year 1987 titled "Poetry" by Francois Villon)
1988 - The Third place at The Competition of "The Best Book of the Year 1987 of the Soviet Union" in Moscow. (For the book "Poetry" by Francois Villon)
1988 - Award at The Young Artists' Triennial of the Baltic Republics in Vilnius, Lithuania.
2000 - Prize at The Competition "Riga at the Contemporary Art of the Year 2000". (Riga, Latvia).
2006 - Diploma at The Competition of The Best Book of Latvia of Year 2005 "Golden Apple Tree 2005" in Riga, Latvia. For the "The Book of Psalms" - the book from Old Testament.
2011 - Nomination at The Competition of The Best Book of Latvia of Year 2010 "Golden Apple Tree 2010" in Riga, Latvia. Together with Roberts Diners. For the "The Song of Roland" - French Epic Poem.
Dinere’s works are in the Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga),
The Latvian Artists Union collection (Riga),
The A. Pushkin State Museum of Visual Art (Moscow),
The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow,
The Frauen Museum in Bonn,
The Gottland Museum of Art in Visby (Sweden), as well as in private collections in the USA, Estonia, India, Israel, Japan, Canada, Russia, France, Finland, Germany and Sweden etc.

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