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Contemporary Wall Composition Created by the Wife of Croatian-Canadian Industrial Designer Davor Grunwald Based on his c1990 "Sculptra" Shape - Pearlized Tiles in Rows of 10 x 10 Mounted on a Brushed Aluminium Plate with Wrapped Edges - 46.75" Square
Sculptra Form 1964 – Now
One design has a special place in Davor Grunwald’s career. This is his very first design from student days called SCULPTRA.
Davor Grunwald:
In the first year of my studies of industrial design in Vienna in 1964, Prof. Hoffmann gave us a theoretical task: to create a shape so that when it is multiplied it can be connected in “Z” direction and cannot be broken in “X” and “Y” direction. We could freely choose the material and the production method. It had to be aesthetically pleasing. For inspiration I looked at the function of cosines. I had found out that the sum of two cosines create a surface that meets the given task. I proved with a math formula that this is true. This natural balanced shape surprised prof. Hoffmann and his fellow students. This seemingly simple exercise has left a strong impression on me. I discovered the rudimental idea of my profession. This abstract, gentle module became my motto, the symbol and the method of thinking while designing the product. I protected Sculptra and the name. In 1964 we heard of computers from a distance. I knew than that one day I would be able to define Sculptra by computer. Around 1990, with the help of a mathematician friend, we came up with the formula which could be put into the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine which produced the shape (master) 60 x 60 cm. From the master I got a mould from which I could produce as many Sculptras as I wished. With this, a ceiling or wall composition could be created. Sculptra has acoustical characteristics, it disperses the sound in different directions.
I tried to commercialized Sculptra because architects were interested to apply Sculptra in their buildings. For mass production the tooling was very expensive and the risk was great. So I gave up this idea. My wife experimented with Sculptra and created vases, ceramic tiles, wall compositions for the Croatian Embassy in Ottawa and at a Waterfront corporation office in Toronto. For them we designed furniture pieces using that shape which has association with water waves.
The name Sculptra was created. I took out the second “U” from the word SCULPTURE. So I could protect this new word. Few years back I sold the name to a pharmaceutical company for a large amount of money.”
Source: Interview with Davor Grunwald- Industrial Designer, March 28, 2016 by Jasna Lovrinčević

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