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Original Watercolour - Ontario Winter Landscape Signed by Canadian Artist Jane Champagne - Cream Linen Mat in a Gold Frame with Matching Fillet - The beauty of the land as a source of energy, spirit, creation and intelligence - 50.5" W x 39" H - Furniture Bank Thanks You!
Jane Champagne (1930-2008)
Born in Toronto in July, 1930, Jane graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Toronto and, true to form, went off to France to study language and culture.  It was there that she fell in love with painting and, for ten years, painted in Paris, in Greece and in Italy.
When she returned to Canada, and while raising her daughters Sophie and Ann, she became a writer-editor for magazines, such as MacLeans, Homemaker and The Canadian Composer.   Once her children were grown however, Jane returned to her first love ... painting.
Throughout Ontario and, in particular, Killarney, she became an accomplished plein air artist, creating vivid landscapes from the beauty around her.
In her book "Painting the Ontario Landscape", Jane describes her adventures of painting throughout the countryside.  Published by The University of Toronto Press in 1991, the book still inspires would-be and long-time painters both.
She was a founding member of the Toronto Watercolour Society, and a member of the Society of Canadian Artists. Having spent many summers in Southampton, Ontario,  it was only a matter of course for Jane to be very involved in the Southampton Art School & Gallery where, for approximately 20 years, she was an instructor and, where as a plein air artist, founded the Ontario Outdoor Painting Society.  She knew every director since the school's inception and, through her affiliations with groups, such as the prestigious Arts and Letters Club of Toronto of which she was a member, she was instrumental in getting many high-quality instructors to come to the school to teach.
As Artist-in-Residence at Killarney Mountain Lodge in Killarney, Ontario, Champagne was an avid advocate for the land, the environment and the creative spirit within and her many quotes gleaned from her book, ‘Painting the Ontario Landscape’, are part of the exhibit.
And true artist of life she was.  She surrounded herself with a wide, eclectic circle of friends or rather they surrounded her.  They admired her tenacity, her strength, her generosity and her courage and honesty to say what she felt.  It was only recently that she 'took up pen' once again to write a weekly column in the local newspaper where she expounded on many subjects of which she felt strongly and even took the time to write several missives to this publication.  But it was still her art that was the passion of her life.
"As far as I'm concerned, painting small pen and wash sketches capture the essence of a place better than any photograph, for the painter at least, and for those who have explored the Park (Killarney) and loved it.  There's something about the immediacy - the need to get on paper that sparkling moment, Killarney's special, indescribable light, colour contrasts, water depths and reflections.

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